Dr. Paul Osterman
Economist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The IAF is a university in politics and policy for a remarkably broad swath of Americans. When I was invited to give a seminar with IAF on my work, it was one of the most stimulating events of my professional career."

Rt. Reverend D. Bruce MacPherson
Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana

"I have been strong advocate and supporter of Industrial Areas Foundation work since 1980, because I believe strongly in the translation of the saving Grace of the Gospel into a voice and witness into local communities."

Anne Foster
National Executive Director, Parents for Public Schools

"Parents for Public Schools has enjoyed a very productive partnership with the Industrial Areas Foundation in Mississippi. We benefit from their expertise organizing parents as we work to strengthen public schools for all children."

Most Rev. Daniel Flores
Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Brownsville

"I applaud their work in helping bring water to over 160,000 people across the Valley, increasing wages for public sector workers to alleviate poverty ... and the list continues with 28 years of victories."...

Rev. Ronnie Crudup
Administrative Bishop, Fellowship Of International Churches

"The IAF community organizing model of ministry has been a gift of God. These lessons and techniques should be studied by every church person, and all others who have the community at heart!”

Rabbi Larry Bach
Sr. Rabbi, Temple Mount Sinai

"We owe a debt of gratitude to our friends in Border Interfaith who stood with us, helping the Trustees and the Administration see that this wasn't just an issue for the Jews, but also for their neighbors."

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Mr. David Aguillard
CEO, Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge

“Organizations such as Together BR have longstanding positive relationships with Catholics. They have a strong foundation in the principles of American democracy and have made significant contributions to improving the lives of the poor."