Mon Feb 16, 2015
Senators, Sheriff Join Working Together Jackson Re: Kroger Closing -Clarion Ledger

People from across the City of Jackson, including State Senators John Hohrn, David Blount and Solly Norwood, and Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis, joined Working Together Jackson‘s “We Care for South Jackson” Saturday morning rally... 

Fri Feb 13, 2015
Developing Baltimore at the Expense of its Children -Baltimore Sun

Concerning the funding of Baltimore City schools, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's statement to Dan Rodricks last week on WYPR that "any TIFs and PILOTs have no impact on the wealth calculator" that helps determine state school funding is simply wrong. It defies most of the studies that have been done on this topic and the Baltimore Sun's recent investigative report.

Wed Feb 11, 2015
Austin Interfaith Fights for Fair Utilities Debt Repayment Plan -Austin American Statesman

Austin Interfaith, with allies, is fighting for a non-punitive utility debt repayment plan that would allow the Austin Energy to reclaim money it, in many cases, did not bill for – but without hurting the families affected.

Wed Feb 11, 2015
Jackson Clergy Stand With Kroger Workers -Clarion Ledger

After Kroger announced last week it would be closing its south Jackson grocery store, leaders and community activists are scrambling...

Fri Feb 6, 2015
VIP Wins $26.6 Million for Tempe & Scottsdale Public Schools -Valley Interfaith Project

Phoenix, AZ – 200 Valley Interfaith Project delegates assembled after the fall 2014 election to celebrate the leveraging of $26.6 Million in public school dollars for Tempe Elementary and Scottsdale Unified School Districts. Leaders achieved this by... 

Fri Feb 6, 2015
ICON Wins School Board Commitment to Cleaner Schoolbuses -Daily Bulletin

ICON and its ‘Clean & Green’ team leveraged commitments from three board members of the Pomona Unified School District to begin to eliminate the use of diesel buses in favor of cleaner alternatives. Leaders made the case against...

Wed Feb 4, 2015
Greater Cleveland Congregations Offer Reform Ideas to Cleveland Police -ABC News Net 5

The Greater Cleveland Congregations, a group of churches from all over Northeast Ohio, presented four main reform ideas to city, federal and county official Tuesday night.

More than 1,000 people packed a Cleveland church Tuesday to present these reform ideas which include: constitutional policing that focuses on treating everyone equally, community engagement, financial sustainability and reorganizing internal accountability.

Thu Jan 29, 2015
Common Ground Calls Bucks Co-Owner Edens a "Slumlord" -Journal Sentinel

Calling Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens a slumlord, leaders of the community organization Common Ground on Thursday demanded a meeting with him to discuss what to do about crumbling and deteriorating properties the group says he controls through a company largely owned by his investment firm.

Wed Jan 28, 2015
TMO Responds to David Brooks: Programs You Call For Exist in Texas! -Houston Chronicle

Responding to David Brooks’ assertion that the President’s proposal to provide cost-free community college access is not enough, TMO leaders Rev. Kevin Collins, Mr. Franklin Olson and Mr. Bob Fleming offer initial agreement and the good news that the types of programs Brooks calls for already exist in Texas...

Wed Jan 28, 2015
Metro Vancouver Alliance Fights for Improved Transit -News 1130

Metro Vancouver Alliance leaders piled into a church gym to develop a strategy to convince voters to pass a half cent sales tax that would pay fo needed improvements in local transit...

Tue Jan 20, 2015
'Smart Gun' Technology is Common Sense -CT Post

Last week, a coalition of clergy in the state brought its effort called Do Not Stand Idly By to the steps of Edmund Town Hall in Newtown with a reasonable appeal for the sale of "smart guns"....

Mon Jan 19, 2015
COPS Metro: March for JOBS and Freedom Still Relevant -San Antonio Express News

On the heels of a succeeding campaign to raise the wages of San Antonio’s lowest paid public workers, COPS / Metro leaders Fr. Steven Gamez and Sr. Consuelo Tovar assert that the March on Washington for JOBS and Freedom is still relevant today.

Sat Jan 17, 2015
Kristoff References 'Do Not Stand Idly By' Campaign in Oped -New York Times

David Hemenway, a public health expert at Harvard, says that the way forward is for police departments or the military to buy smart guns, creating a market and proving they work.

An interfaith group of religious leaders is also appealing to gun industry leaders, ahead of the huge annual trade show in Las Vegas with 65,000 attendees, to drop opposition to smart guns....

Tue Jan 13, 2015
Faith-Based Coalition Launches Meetings to Address Cleveland Police Department -Idea Stream

Last fall, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder presented a report that found lapses in training and instances of excessive force among Cleveland Police.  The report touched on cases where protocols were not followed or alternate resolutions to tense confrontations were not used. 

Now the Greater Cleveland Congregations is holding meetings that will let citizens chime in on what they think needs to happen to create a more efficient police force, and improve trust and relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Wed Jan 7, 2015
AMOS' Top Ten 2014 Achievements -AMOS

Fri Jan 2, 2015
Citizens UK Calls on (Payday) Lenders to 'Respect the Cap' -Daily Mail

Campaigners will today mark a new cap on payday loans by calling on the Government to set up a community finance fund.  New rules from the Financial Conduct Authority will require lenders to cap their interest rates at 0.8% a day, charge no more than £15 for a default, and never charge a customer more than twice the amount they originally borrowed.  Wonga, the UK's biggest payday lender, has responded by imposing a cap on the cost of its short-term loans."

Fri Jan 2, 2015
Nevada Faith Leaders Search for Encouragement, Too -Las Vegas Review Journal

When the Rev. Albert Felice-Pace was a campus pastor at the University of Arizona, Tucson, in the 1990s, he would email parishioners his “thought of the day,” short passages mainly culled from Scripture that contained words of inspiration and solace.

He didn’t expect much, just to be a small whisper in their busy lives if they had a moment, even a few seconds, to click and contemplate.  But as time went on, students started forwarding the uplifting verses to parents and friends and, for many, the bite-size doses of reflection became part of their daily lives.

Eventually, he had more than 1,200 recipients, and this was before the days of Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Sat Dec 27, 2014
Metro IAF Leaders Grade Bill De Blasio's Work -NY Daily News

"There is no way to give the mayor a grade other than incomplete after this first year.

His commitment to address the problems plaguing NYCHA remains largely unfulfilled. His administration has not aggressively responded to the federal court settlement to remove life-threatening mold from tenants’ apartments...."

Wed Dec 17, 2014
COPS Metro Raises Wages of Lowest Paid Workers in San Antonio -San Antonio Express News

In a win that COPS / Metro is calling “a beginning,” the Board of the Alamo (Community) Colleges approved wage raises for its lowest paid workers including an $11.50 minimum for full-time employees.  This represents a $1.38 / hour raise  for approximately 49 long-time housekeeping staff now making the lowest wage...

Sun Dec 14, 2014
Mold Still a Growing Problem for Hundreds of NYCHA Tenants -The Daily News

Officials at Metro Industrial Area Foundation, a group of churches and nonprofits also involved in the suit, say that since the consent decree was signed, NYCHA has begun to attack the problem. But the crisis is far from over. Of the 84 apartments on the group’s initial fix-it list, NYCHA has done nothing in 57 apartments. And the agency has made nominal repairs in 10 more that were so inadequate the mold came back. Seventeen apartments got effective repairs.

Thu Dec 11, 2014
TMO Church Leaders, Police Officials Forge Relationship to Combat Crime -Pasadena Citizen

Leaders of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, the Metropolitan Organization and members of the community and law enforcement officials attended a public meeting Sunday morning to address crime in north Pasadena and to request more police presence in their neighborhoods.

The meeting was organized by TMO...

Mon Dec 8, 2014
Huffington Post Cites 'Cold Anger' as Key to Social Justice Gains -Huffington Post

"This wave of activism reflects the difference between what community organizer Ernie Cortes calls hot anger and cold anger. With hot anger we act irrationally and misdirect it toward the wrong people. With cold anger we focus on what we can do to change oppression, exploitation and injustice….”

Sun Dec 7, 2014
At 40, COPS Still Standing Up for Residents -San Antonio Express News

"COPS was founded by taxpaying citizens angry at the intentional neglect of our communities. We realized the answer to the power of money was the organized power of people. Our agenda focused on quality-of-life issues such as: health, education, jobs, wages and benefits, and neighborhood improvements..."

Mon Nov 24, 2014
Odd Couple? US Catholic Bishops & the IAF -Huffington Post

Alinsky protégé and "genius grant" recipient Ernesto Cortés, Jr. cites Catholic social teaching as influential in the development of community organizing, and when the nation's largest denomination holds that Thanksgiving-week special collection of mostly small donations, it will be supporting one element in a broad-based coalition aimed at empowering ordinary folks. As Ernie Cortés notes, "The only answer to organized money is organized people." For all the efforts that are furthering that vision, we can truly give thanks.

Sun Nov 23, 2014
NYCHA Screwed Up Application: Missed Out on Federal Funds -New York Daily News

(De Blasio) blamed previous delays on ‘unacceptable bureaucracy,’ ” said the Rev. David Brawley, pastor at St. Paul Community Baptist Church in East New York, Brooklyn.

“Now we learn how little has changed for NYCHA residents over the past year under the mayor’s watch. The status quo has remained: ineptitude, distraction and neglect.”