Metro IAF Oped: The Politics We Deserve | VA Drivers' License Fight

OpEd, Mike Gecan

Metro IAF Oped: The Politics We Deserve | VA Drivers' License Fight

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Metro IAF

You don’t have to choose between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren, or Jared Kushner and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or market capitalism and state socialism, or the far right and the far left, or Fox News and MSNBC.

While these are the dominant, incessant, compulsive polarities of modern public discourse, the demand and the tendency to choose are traps. You can take your hand off the nut (or nuts), loosen your grip, let them both drop. With a free hand, you can reach out and take hold of another way of doing things in the public arena: of thinking and acting and creating impact that rebuilds communities, saves and improves countless lives, and restores a sense of stability and forward motion in our country.

This other way of doing things is based on several important choices.

You can choose to acknowledge that you are mixed in your views — not a captive of one category or another — and that being mixed doesn’t disqualify you from a significant role in the public arena.

You can choose to be mobile and flexible — aligning with different sets of people on different issues at different times.

You can choose to be non-partisan or much less partisan — not a hamster on the wheel of the endless series of election cycles.

And you can choose to be institutional — not just a data source for the market or ideological harvesters of your personal preferences.